Equality is so overwhelmingly important to you that only full equality-of-outcome in the economic life of all will satisfy you. The only way to ensure this happens is with a government that has the power to command all aspects of the economy. Government must fix all wages and prices rather than letting producers and consumers negotiate that for themselves. All major industry must be owned communally (with the government operating it on behalf of society).

Establishing such a regime will be incredibly difficult given all the powerful vested interests opposed to it. Chances are it will take violent revolution if you are prepared to do that. If you ever do succeed it will be at significant personal cost to yourself and your comrades. Therefore you would defend your new regime with ardour and conviction. Anyone expressing reservations will be regarded as a danger and repressed so that they cannot jeopardise everything you have strived for.

You may think that the notion of a cosmopolitan and permissive society is nice but in practice such a society is fragmented and can direct loyalty into small groups and away from society as a whole. As such cultural diversity must be very carefully monitored and restricted if necessary. If this is all a bit much for you then try the Utopian Socialist on for size. And for related forms of politics see Totalitarian and Revolutionary.

Score: Stability (0-50%) Liberty (0-50%) Equality (86-100%)