You think stability is important for a society. You feel that ‘change for the sake of change’ is stupid and that political changes need to be limited to only those things that are demonstrably necessary. The traditional institutions of society have ‘stood the test of time’ and therefore work better than untested proposals. The most important institution is the family which you consider to be the fundamental unit of any society.

Another institution you value is government and you recognize parliamentary democracy as a useful way of ensuring that only incremental change occurs. You are likely to embrace traditional culture. You tend to prefer a predominantly free-market economy but only to the extent that it can be accommodated by traditional culture – some of the products of a free-market like advertising and conspicuous consumption are way too crass for your liking.

For information on many conservative political parties worldwide see here (but note that this international includes Establishmentarian and Moderate and Communitarian parties). If this is too bland for you then try the Ultra-Conservative on for size.

Scores: Stability (51-85%) Liberty (0-50%) Equality (0-50%)