Stability is so overwhelmingly important to you that you wish to return to an era that may never have existed exactly as you imagine it. You may be prepared to support some very drastic action to preserve or revive traditions and institutions that make you feel safe and secure. For you a sense of belonging is very important and you can get passionately romantic about ‘the land in which our ancestors lie’.

Government in the hands of your opponents is something to be scared of but government in the hands of those you trust can be something to cherish. Under such a government you will feel as if you belong to one big family that embraces everyone. However you will be very wary of anyone who is excluded by that ‘family’ and may need to report disloyal behaviour to the government. This you can conveniently do as they have an agent stationed in every neighbourhood!

You cherish your traditional culture but in some cases it may need to be reinterpreted to better serve the regime. You tend to value private-enterprise but feel that some government intervention in economics is needed to preserve your orderly way-of-life. If this is all a bit much for you then try the Ultra-Conservative on for size. And for related forms of politics see Totalitarian and Survivalist.

Score: Stability (86-100%) Liberty (0-50%) Equality (0-50%)