You think that equality is important for a society. Society cannot be an inclusive association till equality for all is achieved. You feel that this must extend beyond legal and political equality to include equity in economics. As such you advocate for both equality-of-opportunity and the redistribution of what you consider to be excessive income and assets. This can be done directly by use of taxes and welfare or indirectly by public provision of vital services. In this way you hope to reduce or even eliminate poverty.

You regard government as a vital tool in implementing these reforms but accept that government cannot do more than society allows it to and so you work within the confines of parliamentary democracy. You are likely to want a predominantly interventionist economy. You tend to prefer a cosmopolitan and permissive culture but find that it can frustrate the solidarity so important to your movement.

For information on many socialist political parties worldwide see here (but note that this international includes Progressive and Moderate and Communitarian parties). If this is too bland for you then try the Utopian Socialist on for size.

Scores: Stability (0-50%) Liberty (0-50%) Equality (51-85%)